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Welcome to Lifting Hypnosis! Here you can purchase our globally recognised and incredibly successful hypnosis audio tracks, recorded by Tiffany Stanway. They can be purchased and downloaded immediately so you can begin listening and making those changes today!

Hypnosis is used to create positive and empowering beliefs and thoughts deeply within your subconscious mind; the part of your mind where all your fears, beliefs, thoughts, memories, and feelings are held. Hypnosis is able to reprogamme your mind using deep relaxation and subliminal cues.



Tiffany Stanway is a registered and accredited Hypnotherapy Practitioner and Psychotherapist. Tiffany more specifically speciailises in the field of weight, addictions, motivation, sexual issues, confidence, stress, health & weath.


Tiffany launched a hugely successful series of hypnosis CD's last year, which helped literally thousands of people to make the changes they needed to make in their lives, before going on to make these and others available for MP3 download for the ease of her clients.

Tiffany works in private practice, practising hypnotherapy and psychotherapy and therefore has a limited number of personal one-to-one appointments available. She has a personal interest in helping re-build the lives of those who have been illegally trafficked into the United Kingdom and whom are being held for sex and slavery purposes, and is an active fundraiser for Unseen UK, a charity working in this field.

Tiffany's hugely successful hypnosis programmes are all supported; meaning you can get in touch for any help and support you may need on your journey to change.

"Let's put on the boots of change together" - Tiffany Stanway