Low Carb Weight Loss

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Tired of succumbing to carbs and feeling bloated? Tired of yo-yo diets where you take one step forward and three steps back? Want to lose weight and inches and feel slimmer and healthier? Then this course could just be for you.

Was: £99.00

NOW: £59.00


Diets are easy to fail - this is a fact. Many adults find themselves yo-yo dieting for weeks, months or even years, desperate to lose weight and feel better about themselves. The more weight there is to lose the harder the uphill struggle may seem. It doesn't have to be this way.

The human body runs off carbohydrates. Carbs are the primary energy source and fuel our systems. So what happens when it doesn't receive the carbs it needs? It's simple - ketones appear, and your body starts to burn fat as energy instead of carbs. The methodology is so simple in theory. However.....

In this day and age it can be difficult to live a carb free lifestyle. Fast foods, ready meals, lunch stop shops - they're all loaded with breads, pastas, potatoes, sugars and other carbohydrate rich foods. You may find that every meal you usually plan revolves around carbs, the packed lunches you make are usually sandwich based and you may have no clue what to do for breakfast now that cereal, porridge and toast are no longer on the menu. It may even feel like you can't imagine a life without carbs.... well, you can.

In this content packed course, hypnotherapist and nutritionist Tiffany Stanway takes it back to basics. The five PDF guides are loaded with information about switching to a carb free lifestyle and include everything you need to know about carbs and the way the body processes them, food logs, menu samples, shopping lists, plus much more, and they are there to print off straight away. These will be your go-to saviours when it seems a little tough!

The course also features an introductory tape, and six of our hypnosis recordings used successfully our private practice. These have been designed to work together in the most effective way having maximum impact. Together with the materials you have everything you need to make this transition easy and effortless. You can start losing weight, and losing those inches, straight away!

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