"Can't believe I have lost two whole stone and smashed my target, thank you so much. Tiffany was amazing. I had support from her all the way through. Now that's dedication" - Jennie

 "He hasn't had a cigarette since your hypnosis, it's amazing when you think he would have had at least 100 by now!!" - Callie

"We're finally enjoying sex as it should be and enjoying each other for the first time in years and it's all thanks to your sessions" - Oliver

"It cannot be a coincidence I am just raring to go! Love your motivational hypnosis CD. The support I got from you Tiffany was second to none. I can't believe the changes that I have made" - Anya

"Tiffany, you are an amazing hypnotherapist. I have never known anyone as commited to their work as you are. Your CDs have turned my world around, not to mention all the support and kind words of encouragement you have given me" - Rosemarie

"Before I started on your course of CDs I was drinking far too much, was feeling sluggish and overweight and would literally hide away from the world. My life has changed completely, I'm two stone lighter, I barely drink any alcohol now and I've been confident enough to begin actively job hunting to find a more suitable career. Eveything is just brilliant now. I could never have made these changes without you" - Simon

"I was SO self conscious after giving birth and thought that I'd never be back to normal or want sex again. Sure enough I'm back to my old self, and I've only been listening for three weeks. Utterly incredible, and Tiffanys voice in so calming and relaxing"

"One of the best decisions I ever made was coming for therapy with you Tiffany. When I look back at my life six months ago, compared to what it is now, I am just shocked. Thank you so much for everything, you're truly a unique and incredibly talented individual and care so much"