Ultimate Wealth Attraction & Success

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Do you want to sharpen your way of thinking, climb the career ladder and become successful? Do you want to become more confident, motivated and prosperous?

Our incredible packages includes five hypnotic recordings, a packed PDF guide complete with tips and hints and goal tracking, and a recording explaining the law of attraction.



This amazing hypnosis audio package has helped hundreds of people move forward to a wealthier, more successful and prosperous self. This incredible sale package contains five extraordinary and proven hypnosis recordings (including the incredible Wealth Attraction,) along with a twelve page personal guide and success diary just for you, to monitor your progress and success.

The Hypnosis audio tracks included are:

  • Wealth Attraction. This has taken our practice by storm in the field of incredible personal and successful wealth, as a proven weight loss method.
  • Sharp Business Success. Become that incredible and sharp sales representative.
  • Job Interview Success. Become that confident self you know you are, and be able to boast freely and easily your capabilities. Get Motivated. Loose that sluggish and not-sure attitude and replace it with a fantastic motivation to move forward and move on to fabulous things.
  • Boost Your Self Confidence. Confidence previously an issue? Become an ultra confident and successful person easily and effortlessly.

This fabulous package combines the very best of hypnosis tracks to become a hugely successful and wealthy self, offered by Lifting Hypnosis. Your twelve page guide is specific and personal for you to either download or print, fill in your goals, monitor your progress, and of course read all the amazing, tried-and-tested incredible wealth attraction and success tips to ensure you reach your goal easily and effortlessly.

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